Shadow Board

Toyota WRC Tool Boxes

Tool boxes for Toyota’s World Rally Championship team. Multiple versions are used by the team but the one shown is labeled “ENGINE TOOLBOX #2” The boxes are portable to move between the service areas on race day. Tools are shadow […]

Automotive Tool Cart

This is another beauty from Fosen Tools with unparalleled shadow boards. This is the smaller, younger sibling to the Norwegian Air Force Tool Box. It has 8 labeled drawers and can be purchased with tools as a fully stocked box! […]

A&P Mechanic’s Toolbox

Well organized tool box for an airframe & powerplant mechanic, hobby auto mechanic, and electrician. Featuring a custom power bank for storing and charging power tools. Layered Kaizen Foam used for shadow board. Source: BreeStephany

Automotive Technician

Built-in tool box for a Porsche automotive technician. Looks like a beautiful work space. Foam floor tiles used as shadow board. Stocked with tools for European cars – Torx, Allen, Triple Square, E-Torx Source: Bonjourdog

Air Force Maintenance Tool Box

Maintenance Tool Box for the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Very well equipped. Lista Toolbox with 6 drawers and shadow boards for FOD control. Source: Fosen Tools